My kids had zero interest in attending the unplug kids program. But after making all three boys take it I have to say that if Unplug burnt down tomorrow that would have been the best thing I got out of it. Though my kids definitely do not have a regular practice, they do have the tools to calm down on demand with the breath. My oldest uses it before testing, sports and when I drive him crazy. My middle to calm and center and my youngest for sports and calming! Thank you so much Laurie Cousins for changing my life!
— Suze Yalof Schwartz, Unplug Meditation Studio
Laurie has great insight and a calming, sweet energy. She listens with her whole heart and makes no judgments. She is a gifted communicator. She has helped me tremendously, with kindness and grace, sort through troubling issues that were having a negative impact in my life. Her workshops and meditation groups are inspirational, fun and healing and are a pampering of the soul…something we could all use from time to time!!!
— Paula K.
I really can’t overstate the impact that my work with Laurie has had on my healing. Laurie’s non-judgmental energy, wealth of knowledge and experience, calming spirit, and humor make any time spent together meaningful and enjoyable. Laurie has helped me find a new perspective, unlock the power of meditation, and develop a mindfulness practice. Laurie is a fearless, gentle, compassionate guide. She has given me the courage to acknowledge and release past traumas and motivated me as she models a life dedicated to learning and growing and giving. Laurie’s strength is her humility; the identity and connection she offers as I share vulnerability, regret, and pain allow me to fearlessly see and accept my own humanity.
— Amy P.
I liked how Laurie Cousins talked about putting worries into perspective. That really helped me because sometimes if I am really stressed or worried about something I can’t stop thinking about it but this helped me learn to take a step back and put my worry into perspective. She also taught us about self-talk, which was helpful because I know if I am full of anxiety to say to myself ‘I am safe, I am good enough, and I am loved.
— Sophia, High School Student
In our sessions, Laurie has been a counselor, cheerleader, spiritual guide, referee and shoulder to cry on. Whatever role she plays, my family is always left feeling enlightened and grounded.
— Family of Four
Laurie is gifted at providing a trust-filled, safe, non-judgmental environment. Her empathy, personal experience, gentle guidance, and, at times, raw humor have given me a retreat for my spirit and practical tools for my personal and spiritual growth.
— Melanie O.
Laurie Cousins is a true and gifted healer. She is a dedicated mind/body practitioner and brings her training, experience, and intuition to bear upon the insightful and healing work that she does. Laurie has a remarkable and deep understanding of the mind-body connection. I have been a client of Laurie’s for over three years, working with her in private sessions. The Reiki work that she does has helped me work through both physical injuries (post-auto accident), as well as the emotional traumatic aspects of the injuries from the accident, which had manifested themselves physically. With each session I have noticed a significant shift and alleviation of symptoms, including chronic pain that even physical therapy and anti-inflammatory drugs were unable to tackle. Moreover, Laurie’s work has had an additional layer of benefits in that it has also helped to shed light upon, heal, and release, past childhood traumas and/or emotional blocks that have also manifested themselves in the body. My work with Laurie has been invaluable and liberating. In addition to healing physical wounds it’s given me emotional insights that I would not have experienced or become conscious of without her guidance. I have grown through this work.
— Ann